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Hot Sale Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy ribbon 1K107
Nanocrystalline Alloy
Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy ribbon 1K107
Amorphous Alloy
Fe-Base amorphous alloy ribbon 1K101
Master Alloy
Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy ribbon 1K107

Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy ribbon(main composition of Fe,Cu,Nb,Si,B)has low loss, high permeability. The excellent performance for current transformer,EMC/EMI,Invent transformer and so on.

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Hot Sale Current transformer type LZZB8-35
Current Transformer Cores
Electric current transformer cores
High Voltage Transformers
Current transformer type LZZB8-35
Low Voltage Transformers
Current Transformer Type LMZ(J)1-0.5
Current transformer type LZZB8-35

High Voltage Transformers

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Amorphous C-Cores
PFC Inductance
Amorphous Rring Incision Core
Amorphous core AMCC-160
Audio Car Inductance
Amorphous Choke Cores for Car Audio
Amorphous core AMCC-160

Amorphous Core AMCC-160

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Hot Sale ZRH-C15 micro precision current transformers
Anti-DC Component Transformers
DC Current Immunity Composite Cores
Relay With Transformers
ZRH-C15 micro precision current transformers
CBB65 AC motor-use capacitor
ZRH-C15 micro precision current transformers

Small in size, light weight, easy to install with high density

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Common Mode
The EMC standard of frequency range of 150KHz-30MHz on restraining the conducted CM EMI are becoming more serious in the application. CM inductance & filter capacitor were used to restrain the CM EMI. Ferrite core or common Nanocrystalline core are popular in domestic market as common mode choke cores, but high high-frequency volume and impedance reduction from 150KHz to 30MHz due to the operating frequency limitation makes these cores unworkable. In this case , we developed advanced higher property Nano-crystalline common mode choke cores as solution for EMC common mode choke cores requirement, and were applied to the EMC of switch power modules, UPS power supply, communication power supply, inverter, transducer, home appliance.
Usually the Hi-power arc welding inverter's single-ended pulse transformers require the transformer cores with low high frcqucncy loss, high Bs and low Br so that to achicvc bigger A B. Output filter and energy stored inductancc required the characteristics of high Bs, low loss and constant permeability, in this case, we made horizontal magnetic treatment on Nano-crystalline alloy to manufacture the transformer cores with low Br and constant permeability.
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