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Electric current transformer cores

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2.  Performance characteristics
   ◆ High saturation of magnetic induction——Reduce the winding and the cost
   ◆ High permeability, low coercivity——Reduce measurement error and improve the sensitivity
   ◆ Low loss——The ideal material for alternativ silicon steel sheet and permalloy
   ◆ Good temperature stability——Can work for a long time in -55 ℃ ~ 130 ℃
3.  Application field 
  ◆ To be used in high voltage, high current power plant and substation, safe and fast measurement and relay         protection. 
  ◆ Accuracy grade:0.5,0.5S,0.2,0.2S,0.1 ,it has more competitive advantages to be applied to 0.2、0.2S、

     0.1 accuracy levels current transformer.



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