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Huawei Super-charge Pile Now in Shenzhen, In The Internal Testing Stage 600kW Power + Liquid Cooling Into The Highlight


Recently, Huawei's 600kW super-charge pile is suspected to have been exposed, and this charging pile uses the same red colour as Huawei's brand logo and is a single-pile, single-gun design.

The charging pile's nameplate information shows that its manufacturer is Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co.

The model number of this charging pile matches the FusionCharge DC supercharging terminal disclosed on Huawei's official website. According to the introduction, the latter is a single pile and single gun with liquid-cooled heat dissipation, the maximum output voltage and current is 1000V/600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW.

What is the concept of 600kW charging power?

Generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster the charging. 600kW charging power means "600 degrees can be charged in 1 hour". Then it only takes 10 minutes to charge 100 degrees, which is a significant increase in charging efficiency. For example, if the battery capacity of M5 is less than 80 degrees, it can be fully charged in less than 10 minutes if the power of 600kW is maintained.

In contrast, the general power of supercharging piles on the market is still above 300kW, the peak power of a Tesla V3 supercharging pile can reach 250kW, charging 15 minutes to run 250km; Porsche 800V high voltage supercharging peak power also reached 270kW, charging from 5% to 80% in 30 minutes.

The pursuit of charging as fast as "refueling" has always been the goal of the new energy vehicle industry.

The Tesla V4 Supercharging Pile with a maximum power of 600kW was put into use in the Netherlands in March. In China, brands such as Tesco and GACE have launched 600kW maximum output charging piles, of which 10 XFC (eXtreme Fast Charging) supercharging stations built by Giant Bay Technology & Research in cooperation with Tesco were officially launched in Guangzhou in May 2022. The maximum output power of the super-charging terminal can reach 600KW, and it adopts the "gas station-like" mode, which can achieve a charging experience of 300+km range in 5 minutes of charging.

However, the liquid-cooled charging pile with a maximum output of 600kW also has limitations, as it can only play the full power on pure electric models with liquid-cooled interfaces to achieve a range of 300km in 5 minutes. It is difficult to maintain the highest output power in actual use. With the coordination and improvement of vehicle enterprises and supporting facilities. This kind of charging pile is expected to further popularize.

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