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Common mode inductance

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The EMC standard of frequency range of 150KHz-30MHz on restraining the conducted CM EMI are becoming more important in the application. CM inductance & filter capacitor were used to restrain the CM EMI. Ferrite core or common Nanocrystalline core are popular in domestic market as common mode choke cores, but high high-frequency volume and impedance reduction from 150KHz to 30MHz due to the operating frequency limitation makes these cores unworkable. In this case , we developed advanced higher property Nano-crystalline common mode choke cores as solution for EMC common mode choke cores requirement, and were applied to the EMC of switch power modules, UPS power supply, communication power supply, inverter, transducer, home appliance.


• Protection for accuralc clcctronic equipment

 Common mode jam filtering for EMI power

 Common filtering in single phase or three phase circuit

Product performance:

• High initial permeability: 5~20 times higher than ferrite core
• High saturate induction density: 2-3 times higher than ferrite core, not easy be saturated in high current fields
• Good frequency flexibility-better controlling to the noise in different frequencies.
• Excellent temperature stability-with the serving temperature from -55 to 130"C for a long time. The Curie temperature is higher. The properties are not changeable easily even in unstable working temperature.
• Higher anti-unbalanced-current: Specially made Nano-crystalline EMC Common Mode Choke Cores can guarantee 104 permeability when resisting 80A/m unbalanced current bias field.


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