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ZRH-C44 micro precision current transformers

Product Details
a. Main Features:
(1)、Small in size, light weight, easy to install with high density
(2)、Secondary output current, strong antijamming capability
(3)、With excellent linearity, wide working range, perfect consistency
b. Electrical Parameters:
(1)、Rated input current: 0~10A
(2)、Rated output current: 0~10mA
(3)、Non-linearity:  Ratio error <±0.1%;   Phase error <±5′
(4)、Range of linearity:10%~2000% (or more)rated current
(5)、Frequency characteristic: 45~800HZ
(6)、Limitation of power consumption: 0.5VA
(7)、Insulation resistance: 500MΩ @500VdC
(8)、Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
(9)、Power frequency withstands voltage: 3kV 2mA 1min
(10)、Output load resistance:≤400Ω
(11)、Structure:Epoxy encapsulating
(12)、Outer casing:PBT heat-resistant material or ABS flame-retardant material
(13)、Terminal:input and output→pins

c. Technical parameters of commonly used product specifications

Note: The above specifications are stock products’ specifications. We can also design for customers according to their requirements.

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