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ZRH-V26 ultra-miniature voltage transformer

Product Details
ZRH-V26 Ultra-miniature Voltage Transformer
a. Main Features:
(1)、This product is a kind of voltage transformer in current mode. Through the series
resistance in the circuit, primary current converts voltage into current. After this
transformer completing current transformation, the secondary output current signal
goes through a sample resistance and then it converts into the needed voltage.
(2)、Wide measuring range
b. Electrical Parameters:
(1)、Rated input current: 1~5mA (According to customers’ requirements)
(2)、Rated output current: 1~5mA (According to customers’ requirements)
(3)、Non-linearity:  Ratio error <±0.1%;   Phase error <±5′
(4)、Range of linearity:10%~2000% (or more)rated current
(5)、Frequency characteristic: 45~800HZ
(6)、Insulation resistance: 500MΩ @500VdC
(7)、Power frequency withstands voltage: 3kV 2mA 1min
(8)、Output load resistance:≤400Ω
(9)、Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
(10)、Structure:Epoxy encapsulating
(11)、Outer casing:PBT heat-resistant material or ABS flame-retardant material
(12)、Terminal:input and output→pins
(13)、Main Specifications: Current ratio between primary side and secondary side
     2mA:2mA     2.5mA:2.5mA     5mA:5mA     10mA:10mA

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