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Inverter transformers core OFN-IT-064040020

Product Details

1. Material of Inverter transformers core:Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy ribbon

2. Dimensions of Core

3. Finish Dimensions

4. Magnetical Test:(AQL 0.65)

Test of Iron loss and AL according to GB/T 19346-2003( The test standard for Fe-base nanocrystalline alloy in China)

4.1  AL Test:

4.2 Loss Test:

Magnetic Induction Density:B=0.5T


Test Equipment:2010SA AC soft magnetic tester

Iron Loss:pFe≤25W/kg

OFN-IT-064040020 Iron Loss:PFe≤5.5W

Fig.2  The Loss of OFN-IT-064040020 in different  working point.

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