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ZRP-DC16 Anti-DC Current Transformer

Product Details

 a. main characteristics:
(1)、With excellent linearity, operating range, perfect consistency
(2)、With excellent transient characteristics, transfer of actual waveform and can carry 20 ~ 40 times instant impact of rated current and still be unsaturated
(3)、Removing the dc component: when the dc component contained in the input energizing quantity is not more than 50% of the input ac component, the ac component can pass the converter normally and waveform distortion does not occur
(4)、Effectively can inhibit the interference of the Group-pulse signal transient electrical fast
(5)、Reliable isolation between primary winding and winding, vice-borda and blindagemb.
b. electrical parameters:
(1)、Input current: 1 ~ 5 to
(2)、Output voltage: 0.1 ~ 0.5 V
(3)、Non-linearity: ± 0.2 ratio difference <%; Difference of ± 60/51.883° angle <
(4)、Linearity range: 10% ~ 1000% (or more) nominal current
(5)、Characteristic of frequency: 45 ~ 800HZ
(6)、Limitation of power consumption: 0.5 VA
(7)、Insulation resistance: 500MΩ @ 500VdC
(8)、Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
(9)、Frequency supports voltage: 3kV 2mA 1 min
(10)、Load resistance: &gt; 50KΩ output
(11)、Structure: Epoxy encapsulation
(12)、Outer packing: PBT heat resistant or fire resistant ABS material
(13)、Terminal: input→wire, output→pin


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