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YHC DC filter capacitor

Product Details
●  Applicable to DC filter circuits
●  High energy storage performance
●  Can work under high-temperature
●  Low inductance and dielectric loss
●  Able to withstand high current and corrosion resistant
●  High quality, reliability and safety, long service life

●  Medium and high voltage frequency converters
●  Large wind power  generating systems and PV power generating systems for energy storage
●  DC support and output circuits of large AC-DC-AC inversion systems for filter smoothing, high voltage DC transmission and transformation and static reactive compensation for filter compensation, and static reactive generator and active power filters
●  Vehicles, for example,AC electric locomotives,light rail locomotives ,subway and light rail locomotives for brake
●  Frequency converters used in water pumps, large fans, moving walk or other variable transmission equipment in chemical engineering ,textile,machinery,iron and steel industries

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