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Low voltage parallel electric capacitor

Product Details
● Compact and light

● Low electric loss and low heating rate, ensuring high electric utilization rate and saving operating costs

● Built-in automatic discharging resistance and over-voltage isolator for safe and reliable use

● Low dielectric loss and long service life


● Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ to +50 ℃ , Humidity:≤85%, Altitude: < 2000 meters

● Rate voltage: 0.23 to 1.2KVAC

● Rated capacity: 1 to 80Kvar

● Allowable capacity: 0 to +10%

● Allowable capacity: 0 to +10%

● Withstanding voltage (pole-pole): 2.15Un (2S)

● Withstanding voltage (pole-enclosure): 3000Vac (10S)

● Self-discharging: residual voltage reduces to 50V or below  in 3 minutes after power  disconnection of the capacitor

● Standard: GB12747-2004 and IEC60831

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