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Liquid metals (amorphous alloys) will be the most competitive innovation in the automotive industry


Unique precision injection molding technology, environmental protection, resource conservation, energy saving, low cost of production batch of green performance, become the basic technology of automotive parts processing technology of green plastic innovative solutions of choice and molding technology innovation, and by the general equipment, general equipment, special technology extension technology extension development for automotive structural parts molding.

Liquid metal (amorphous alloy) injection molding technology is an innovative development of injection molding technology.

From the injection molding of parts can often go beyond the most precise CNC technology, can realize the smooth surface close to the optical degree, to achieve high precision, which is the liquid metal injection molding process shows a most important quality characteristics. Injection molding and metal injection molding (MIM) compared with CNC processing, injection molding of liquid metal to create conditions for the realization of "higher efficiency and higher degree of automation and process integration and manufacturing concept. Liquid metal injection molding process, only a short cycle, the production cycle time is between 2-3min, shorter than the processing time of CNC. At the same time, the gate material can be recycled, no waste accumulation.

Liquid metal  (amorphous alloy)injection molding technology has brought new opportunities for the development of green cars. 

The car engine timing system, nozzle, trim parts, safety components, pumps, sensors, and heavy load connectors 400 grams of parts can be used for liquid metal injection molding parts, parts can not only obtain excellent performance, but also can obtain good economic benefits, it is good choice for auto parts manufacturing. Making use of the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance of the liquid metal, it can be used to manufacture the hydraulic cylinder, piston ring, nozzle and other wear-resistant parts, which can greatly improve the service life of the automobile.

Liquid metal (amorphous alloy) injection molding process should not only be seen as a replacement process, but as a flexible design can be obtained through the unique properties of the molding process. The liquid metal injection molding processing to achieve step manufacturing metal parts of highly complex structures, and its precision and surface quality is much better than that of ordinary casting, even complex three-dimensional shapes and very fine structure can with excellent reproducibility and high utilization rate of materials can be formed it makes the manufacture of high-quality metal parts of the revolutionary change.

The technical barrier of liquid metal  (amorphous alloy)is very high, especially the problem of mature equipment becomes the bottleneck of restricting its application. 

Inside and outside the decorative parts, more than 400 grams of auto parts and so on are part of the bulk forming, which means that in order to promote a large area of liquid metal, must master the core technology of bulk molding. Secondly, the production of bulk amorphous alloys are still in development or improvement in equipment, a few years ago, although there are a few domestic enterprises began to develop the production of bulk amorphous equipment, but did not form a large-scale market, estimated to be improved and still continued to improve. Fortunately, the eastern region of China, an important equipment companies began to organize the relevant units of collaborative research and development of liquid metal forming equipment, the first half of this year is expected to face global supply. From the analysis of the trial production, both the design of the components, the forming of the products, the yield and the consistency of the products meet the design requirements, and have their own intellectual property rights.

In addition, domestic Foxconn, BYD, world science and technology, Yi an unexpectedly 8 enterprises in this field have deep research and industrialization in the The early bird catches.

Under the support of the amorphous China Industrial Information Center, a car company's product design and R & D center began to pay attention, and to investigate the feasibility of this material in a comprehensive replacement of key components of a car.

We believe that China's bulk amorphous alloy industry will be accompanied by rapid access to the automotive industry high-speed channel


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