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amorphous core AMCC-63

Product Details

1.Core materials: Hitachi metals amorphous alloy Strip, number 2605SA1.

2.Core dimensions:

3. Electromagnetic performance test: (AQL 0.65)

① According to magnetic properties of amorphous Nano-testing implementation of the standard GB/t 19346-2003;

② Under normal temperature and humidity test, if you have any doubts about the results, are 25+3 ℃, relative humidity test data under 65+5% shall prevail。

3.1 Loss test
Magnetic flux density: B=0.037T
Frequency: f=16kHz
Equipment: soft 2010SA Exchange Tester
Loss value: pFe ≤ 1.38W/kg
AMCC-63 loss: PFe ≤ 0.97W

3.2 Inductance test

 AMCC-63 can adjust the air gap varying permeability, resulting in differentinductance, as shown in the following figure.

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